What types of items can I post on Neighbour Hire?

You can hire a range of house hold items through Neighbour Hire from lawn mowers to the smaller household appliances.

It is free to post an ad, simply register using an email address, fill in the required details of the registration and post your ad with your desired renting price.

Neighbour Hire will leave you rest assured with its safe and secure renting/hiring system working towards building a safer community.

What is Neighbour Hire?

Neighbour Hire is a trusted community platform that connects people who are in need of household items within their local community. Neighbour Hire also allows you to outsource those house hold items that aren’t getting enough use for their buck.

Whether you are working on a small project or just in need of an appliance for a one off use Neighbour Hire is the place to find it without forking out a great expense.

If you have items you find cluttering in storage, that may not be of use to you at the moment don’t think twice about renting them through Neighbour Hire, rather then allowing them to collect dust, rent those items to your community and earn some money.

Visit the website or download the app and let Neighbour Hire be the Neighbour you wished you had.

How do I get started?

Welcome to Neighbour Hire, we’re thrilled to have you on board! You’ve pick a great platform to Hire and Rent household items. So what are we waiting for? Lets get you started!

Note: You will need to be over 18 years of age to sign up

Step 1:

Visit the Website or download the App through App Store or Google Play

Step 2:

Sign up using an email address or Facebook account, fill in the registration form (don’t sweat it, its quick and easy!)

Step 3:

List Items – Dig out those items you don’t want to get rid of, but aren’t using right now. Anything in working order can be listed for hire.

Step 4:

Approve Bookings – Check out which of your items are in demand and confirm the details for pick-up and return.

Step 5:

Make Money – Enjoy peace of mind, along with a de-cluttered house and (not so) hard earned money!

What information is needed to get started?

You can start using Neighbour Hire as soon as you’ve signed up, however, there are some things you will be prompted to provide when filling out your registration. This will include (back and front) photo of drivers licence along with a profile picture. When a confirmation of your registration is
received you will then need to provide your card details along with your nominated bank account details so you can make and receive payments. Please be assured that all your details are secure and protected with the utmost care.

Is Neighbour Hire available in my Country?

Neighbour Hire is currently only available Australia wide.

If we decide to expand into different countries, there will be a public announcement. Stay in the loop with us via Facebook and/or Instagram.

Where can I go for help?

If you are unable to find an answer through the FAQ’s section and need assistance on a specific enquiry, we have a team ready to help!

When you are ready, submit a request and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Note: Ensure to check your junk mail and please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Forgotten password

f you can’t remember your password, you can easily reset it any time. To reset your password:

Step 1: When using App, enter email address and next to password click ‘Forgot’

Step 2: An email will be sent to you with further instructions on how to reset your password

We suggest you consider these tips to keep your password secure:

  • Make a strong password by using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols
  • Try stay away from names and birth dates
  • Don’t save your password details onto shared devices.

We are sad to see you go!

If for any reason you have decided to terminate your account with Neighbour Hire you will need to contact us. If you are experiencing difficulties or Neighbour Hire is not what you excepted, we are always open to suggestions and we’d love to hear your feedback.

There is no long process to terminate your account with us, nor is there a cancellation fee. If we can help change your decision of cancellation please contact us so that we can help.

My App is not working. What should I do?

We suggest you check that you have the latest version of the app downloaded.

Updating the Neighbour Hire app allows you access new features and changes.

You can also try the following to fix the issue:

  • Log out and log in again on your account
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Restart your device.

If the above isn’t doing the trick, please contact us. Whether you are having problems with the App or Website, we are here to guide you. To ensure our team can help you with the specific issue, please try to include screenshots and a description of how you got the error.

Experiencing a technical problem?

We are saddened to hear but please note, these things do happen.

If there is something that isn’t working quite as you’d expect, please contact us.

To ensure our team can investigate the issue/s we request that you include the below so that our team can work on resolving the issue/s immediately.

  • Detailed description – What were you trying to do when you experienced the issue? Was there any error message?
  • Screenshots – Wherever possible, try to take screenshots of the screens where you experienced the issue. This includes any error messages that pop up.
  • Device information – Were you using a mobile browser, Android app, iOS app or the desktop site? What browser or app version?
Helpful safety tips on listing and hiring items through Neighbour Hire

We take your safety extremely seriously at Neighbour Hire. We aim to build a trusted community of members, while helping to create positive experiences for both our hirers and listers using the platform.

Although it is important to remember that while using Neighbour Hire this means you are transacting with another member on the platform.

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with another member at any time, please feel free to contact us. (We are here to help) Your concerns will be taken seriously and handled with confidentiality. If at any time you feel in danger, do not hesitate to contact your local emergency line.

When you’ve posted an item

Please keep in mind, when posting an item on Neighbour Hire that it will be publicly visible to the entire Neighbour Hire Community. For your safety and security, it is important to not disclose any personal information in your item description such as, your full name, address, email, social media accounts or phone number.

Note: You can have private conversations through the Neighbour Hire private messaging feature after you have confirmed a booking.

How do I manage my payment settings?

When setting up your account with Neighbour Hire you will be prompt to add a nominated card and bank account details. This is so that payments can made when renting items through our system and to ensure the lister is getting paid for their item/s that are being hired.

If you need to change or update your card and/or bank account details you will be able to do so in the ‘My Account’ section.

If you have any trouble adding or updating your information, please see our articles below, otherwise you can contact our friendly team that are ready to assist you.

What are the Payment methods on Neighbour Hire?

Neighbour Hire only accepts online payment through our App and Website. You will need to add either a credit, debit VISA or Mastercard to your account in order to transact.

Please be assured that all your details are secure with Neighbour Hire. To update your payment settings with the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select ‘My Account’
  3. Click ‘Card Linked’
  4. Update card and/or bank account details
  5. Save updated details.
I am having trouble with a hired item, what should I do?

Its hard to believe that renting and hiring an item can be complex but it is possible for disagreements to happen when Listers and Hirers have different views or something just doesn’t go to plan.

Neighbour Hire is always here to help their community but we do suggest trying to resolve your differences first before we can help you. If you’re having trouble with the other person in your communication, try following the below tips.

  • Communication is key. It is important to be open and clear.
  • Be aware of your tone over messages – things written can come across differently to what you actually intend.
  • If you feel the hired item isn’t what you expected, do not hesitate to talk to the lister. To prevent possible complications later, discuss your thoughts immediately when and if the item isn’t in the condition or working order that you thought.
  • Unless you have a question at exchange, try to keep all communication through Neighbour Hire (private messaging).
  • If you’ve made a mistake, give a genuine apology so you can move forward.

As we understand that being in a dispute can be stressful, always know that Neighbour Hire has a team to help you with advice.

If you’ve already tried these tips and unfortunately have not come to a resolution within 48 hours, please see our Terms of Use – ‘Dispute Resolution’.

How can I contact Neighbour Hire?

If you are seeking an answer and have not found it in our FAQ’s please do not hesitate to contact us. Whether you would like to send us your feedback, need an answer to a specific question or advice, Neighbour Hire is only a click away.

Note: Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. Ensure to keep an eye out in your junk/spam folder if you have not heard back from us before then.

Who is a Lister?

A lister is a person who is able to list their household items safely and securely within the Neighbour Hire community. As long as these items are in working order, they can be listed for hire.

If you have household items cluttering your space and collecting dust, do the right thing and list these items via Neighbour Hire. Simply create an account and start listing your items.

Note: You will need to be over 18 years of age to create an account.

Who is a Hirer?

A hirer is a person who is able to rent household items within the Neighbour Hire community.

For example, if you’re building a one off project and realise your missing something, save yourself the expense and trip to Bunnings. Be the sharpest tool in your shed and hire it through Neighbour Hire. Visit our website or download the app and create an account to start hiring.

Note: You will need to be over 18 years of age to create an account.

How do I set up alerts?

Notifications will be alerted through the Neighbour Hire App and/or Website. If you wish to allow alerts to your handset device you may need to active ‘Push Notifications’ via your handset settings.

Can I view my booking history?

Yes, you are able to view your current and previous booking history. This option is made available to you under the ‘Bookings’ section via our Neighbour Hire App.

If you are having trouble with viewing this section we recommend that you check that you have downloaded the latest version of the app to ensure

you are up to date with any new features and/or changes made to the system.

Do you have to pay to register an account with Neighbourhire?

No, there are no funds required to register an account with Neighbour Hire. Although a Users card and bank details are required upon registration, these details are simply used for when you are hiring an item or/and to ensure you are receiving payment for those household items you list for rent via Neighbour Hires platform.

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